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HOA Testimonials

Iron Eagle Property Management: As president of the Wexburg POA, I feel that Iron Eagle handles the POA money with the same discretion as if it were their own. I am confident to allow them to manage our complex without daily or weekly attention of the board members, knowing that they will notify the board when something is out of the ordinary or needs special attention. Previous to Iron Eagle we had successive failed POA managements. I would recommend Iron Eagle for POA management in a heartbeat.

President of the Board of Directors, Wexburg POA

Dear Iron Eagle:
I just wanted to tell you both what a great job that you are doing for us. We love how you took the HOA and our building, in the Courtyard at Ten Mile complex, and cleaned that place up. You inherited quite a mess from the former management company. They charged us for things that never happened. They left us with a vacant apartment that we never even knew wasn't rented. If I went to see them in their office I just got the run around and was told they would get back to me. Most of the time they didn't get back to me.

If has been refreshing to have a competent management company like Iron Eagle taking over and make our complex shine. The landscaping improved, apartments got rented quickly, toys and junk that tenants left laying around was cleaned up.

If ever I have a question I can call you and you almost always pick up and answer me on the spot. Thank you so much for being such an honest, hard working and smart company. We are pleased with all you have done and continue to do for us.

Mr. and Mrs. Ball